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Chaz Teets is an aspiring sports writer, but don't let the "aspiring" tag fool you. Chaz was the Sports Editor of his junior college's student newspaper for two years, and guest writer for two more. Chaz also wrote for the online publication Auto Sim Sport for three years as well, covering events in the online racing community.

Chaz is proud to answer "NASCAR!" when someone asks him what his favorite sport is. He got his first taste of NASCAR at a very young age, and has been a NASCAR-nut ever since. Other topics that Chaz likes to write about are WWE, the New York Yankees, the Denver Broncos, and college football.

Chaz enjoys online NASCAR sim racing, WWE wrestling,modern and alternative rock, hunting, and fishing in his spare time.

Chaz hopes to bring a unique perspective to the Bleacher Report, and hopes that everyone will find his articles informative and fun to read.

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