Saints dominated the falcants

Saints dominated the falcants

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All I got to say is Who Dat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's a little fact for the Saints nation and the low falcants fans. The Saints are 14-3 since 2006 when Drew and Sean came to town and the falcants are 3-14, I know the Saints own them. The Saints have an overall record of 80-45 and the falcants 59-34. The Saints have 5 playoff wins and the falcants have a pitiful 1. The Saints have 3 NFC south championships and the falcants 2, hmm still coming up short ok onto bigger things. The Saints have 1 NFC championship title and the falcants well don't. The Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009 and the falcants haven't even come close!! That's right Saints nation we own the falcants and there's nothing they can do to stop us!! Certain pathetic people want to use the bounty crap as an excuse as to why they lost to us but what they don't get is in no way did it affect the wins and losses, all the players did was lay some people out and that is called tackling. Roger tried to punish us for something he couldn't even prove so the Saints players walked without being suspended and rightfully so but he still punished Sean for allowing what was actually a pay for performance program. The Saints played within the rules and was actually one of the least penalized teams in 2009 lower than even the falcants. This proves the Saints played great football and dominated the NFL with a great team. The first Super Bowl victory for New Orleans will always be considered the best story in the NFL. The Saints and the fans have been through rough times and heartbreaking times still felt to this day after Katrina but out of all that bad came a Rebirth and a team determined to be the best not only for themselves but for the fans too. The Saints have not stopped playing their hearts out and never will they will continue to fight anyone who gets in their way to lift the City of New Orleans and its fans to heights no team has ever gone. The Saints are here to stay y'all and they are here to fight to be the best so we must fight to be the best fans we can be and never give up hope. We say Who Dat because we have become a team feared by all and a fan nation loved by our team. It's our time again!! Who Dat!!

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  • Dirty Sanchez posted 181 days ago

    Dirty Sanchez

    Colts > Saints Who These Nuts!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 187 days ago


    We will take care of sheattle while yall take care of Atl. See ya in nfc championship! GO NINERS!

  • Mitchel Thompson posted 189 days ago

    Mitchel Thompson

    you failed to mention that his passing TD record also came to an end vs Atlanta, also you forgot to mention that Atlanta DOES have an NFC Champion Title, 1998 bro...just sayin

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 207 days ago


    I see you are still getting hatred from Atlanta falCAN'T FANS! Why are they so bad like that? They even coming at us SF fans too. I think the Niners and Saints will play for nfc championship next year. Both teams, have huge upside.

  • AJ Singh posted 220 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    Dude who do you got in the championship games?

  • AJ Singh posted 221 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    Your defense stepped up big time. Props to you guys on that and a good game.

  • AJ Singh posted 228 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    Yeah man I'm certain it will be a great game and a much closer one this time. The Saints are a formidable team and I'm going into this game with a ton of respect for them just like last time.

  • Saints dominated the falcants posted 228 days ago

    Saints dominated the falcants

    Who Dat!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saints win and beat the eagles! I can't take games like that. But to all those eagles fans who talked crap I want to say two things, Who Dat!!!!!!!!!!!!! And good game. I'm not bout to talk crap cause there's no point especially after winning. Good luck to everyone's team and Seattle se you next Saturday at 3:30, best of luck. Lets go Saints kelp proving everyone wrong!!

  • Mr Avon posted 229 days ago

    Mr Avon

    Oh, sorry dude, must be wrong guy, I knew another guy that randomly talked trash to me prob not you. As a falcons fan were rivals but hey at least we can agree nfc south is the best division and screw the panthers. Rise up!!

  • Saints dominated the falcants posted 230 days ago

    Saints dominated the falcants

    I must say I'm proud of Mississippi State playing so great and dominating the Liberty Bowl and beating Rice 44-7. They defeated the punk rebels in OT 17-10 with a 4th and 3 QB keeper TD run by Dak Prescott and a great defensive stand and forced fumble by Nichole Whitley to get the Egg Bowl trophy back and to go bowling and bowling they went. We have a team with a QB every team fears and next year he will return and lead State to places they haven't been. Proud of the Bulldogs
    ( the real Dawgs of the SEC ) and can't wait to ring my cowbell again. Hail State!