Hail State Fail lsu

Hail State Fail lsu

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  • atlanta da kingzz posted 833 days ago

    atlanta da kingzz

    HAHAHAHA guess who back foo. ya dats rite fool, KINGZZ we comin 4 u aints LOSER

  • AJ Singh posted 1204 days ago

    AJ Singh

    wassup dude new account, last 2 got banned lmao

  • Dirty Sanchez posted 1425 days ago

    Dirty Sanchez

    Colts > Saints Who These Nuts!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1432 days ago


    We will take care of sheattle while yall take care of Atl. See ya in nfc championship! GO NINERS!

  • Mitchel Thompson posted 1434 days ago

    Mitchel Thompson

    you failed to mention that his passing TD record also came to an end vs Atlanta, also you forgot to mention that Atlanta DOES have an NFC Champion Title, 1998 bro...just sayin

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1451 days ago


    I see you are still getting hatred from Atlanta falCAN'T FANS! Why are they so bad like that? They even coming at us SF fans too. I think the Niners and Saints will play for nfc championship next year. Both teams, have huge upside.

  • AJ Singh posted 1464 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    Dude who do you got in the championship games?

  • AJ Singh posted 1466 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    Your defense stepped up big time. Props to you guys on that and a good game.

  • AJ Singh posted 1473 days ago

    AJ  Singh

    Yeah man I'm certain it will be a great game and a much closer one this time. The Saints are a formidable team and I'm going into this game with a ton of respect for them just like last time.

  • Hail State Fail lsu posted 1473 days ago

    Hail State Fail lsu

    Who Dat!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saints win and beat the eagles! I can't take games like that. But to all those eagles fans who talked crap I want to say two things, Who Dat!!!!!!!!!!!!! And good game. I'm not bout to talk crap cause there's no point especially after winning. Good luck to everyone's team and Seattle se you next Saturday at 3:30, best of luck. Lets go Saints kelp proving everyone wrong!!