DeCola attended Saint Joseph's College of Maine in Standish, Maine, and graduated with a degree in communications in 2009. He was previously a sports columnist for Fox Sports Southwest as well as the co-writer of the Fox Sports Major League Baseball MLB Power Rankings.

DeCola joined Fox Sports in 2009 and had been co-writing the MLB Power Rankings for FOXSports.com since June 2010.

He agreed to join Sports Data, LLC. in March 2012.

He has worked at the New Hampshire Union Leader as a sports reporter since 2010. DeCola plays guitar and sings in the indie rock band The Cantstanjas.

In August 2012, DeCola joined Bleacher Report as a Featured Columnist.

He also writes for FighterJournal.com, SportsNetworker.com, Peabody Weekly News, and Lynnfield Weekly News.

From April 2012 to July 2012, DeCola worked with blogger, political commentator, and author Michelle Malkin as a contributing editor on her Twitter curation site, Twitchy.com.

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  • Myles Standish posted 1780 days ago

    Myles Standish


    I just realized writers' responses to my feedback was going to a different email box. I just read a note from you from Nov. 15, and I want to thank you for the kind words.

    Thank you!

    I also see you went to school in STANDISH, MAINE! That's awesome. During my days in college at Boston University, I spent many weekends in Limerick, Maine, which I believe isn't too far away from Standish. My memory is that Standish is straight north of Limerick, maybe 20-30 minutes away?

    I didn't know there was a college or anything in Standish. That's pretty cool.

    Keep up the good work, and happy holidays!


  • Mosang Miles posted 1841 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Glad that works for you Pat!

  • Amal Abbass posted 1889 days ago

    Amal Abbass

    Thanks Pat, great work. Yeah, sometimes player names just aren't in the system yet. I guess you're ahead of the curve ;)

  • Simone deps posted 2324 days ago

    Simone deps

    Its a pleasure to read your articles. Thanks,

  • Logan Mckey posted 2332 days ago

    Logan Mckey
  • Jill Thompson posted 2334 days ago

    Jill Thompson

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    The Sports Prophet

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    Would you want to cover all MLB Breaking News for our site? You can continue to write all things NBA on Bleacher Report, but when it comes to Breaking News articles they would go to our website. Each article you post would also have a brief analysis of what went down.

    My name is Alex Brooks and I am currently in college. I am personally a fan of your Quick Pitches and would love to add them to my site exclusively. As soon as this site gets off the ground, I promise you will get the exposure you need. This job would of course be non-paying, but would also be a way for you to branch out to a whole new level. Please get back to me at this email: