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  • Big Daddy posted 447 days ago

    Big  Daddy

    The only nerve you hit is the nerve of you to make yourself the bleacher report police.

    Talk about football, not personal attacks on me.

    You can't because you're just a casual fan who knows nothing, that's why you follow people like Brad your make believe lover just like Te'o had.

  • Big Daddy posted 447 days ago

    Big  Daddy

    Who are you Stan? You made one total comment on this place and it's on my profile. Troll. You're a troll that goes around trying to make trouble and than disappearing. This has been going on since the begining of the internet. Have your fun trolling and than disappear.

  • Big Daddy posted 447 days ago

    Big  Daddy

    You think I care about someone bashing the Giants? You think that was what it was about? I have no affiliation with the Giants why would I care? I'm not some fan that's lives or dies with my team, that's for children. I follow the Giants but I am football fan first. Who cares what anybody says about the Giants or even football. It was about his horrible sports writing, gee I thought I made that clear, I guess not. Bash the Giants all you want it doesn't affect my life one bit.