Jason Reeves

Jason Reeves

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I was blessed to be born in Birmingham, Al and to be part of the best rivalries in all of college football. They say if you’re born in the state of Alabama; that it is imprinted on your DNA whether you will be an Auburn or Alabama fan. Well my DNA was all Orange and Blue. I grew up as an Auburn Tiger, and can actually remember at a young age of between 4-5 years old watching Bo Jackson. As I grew older so did my love for Auburn. When it was time for me to graduate high school and go to college there was no doubt where I would go. I followed in my grandfather’s footsteps, class of 54 and a wrestler at Auburn, to the Loveliest Village on the Plain. I graduated from Auburn in a year that collimated into one of the best, and most exciting years in Auburn football history the 2004 season. Well anyway; now I live and work in Nashville, TN, and as the Auburn creed finishes so will I, “I believe in Auburn and Love it”.

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