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My name is Kevin Jones, my friends call me KJ. I'm a die hard DC sports fan and new intern editor for Bleacher Report.

The NFL and College Basketball are gods gifts to this earth. NBA and MLB are a close second. College Football has so much potential but is ever so flawed.

Looking forward to working with all of you

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  • Brad Hicks posted 2603 days ago

    Brad Hicks

    Keep writing for Bleacher Report Kevin because your 'McD cheater" headline would be libel with any credible paper, magazine or 'news outlet'.

    McD was not found guilty of cheating - you are ascerting that he was, because apparently it fits your agenda.

  • Jonah Puls posted 2827 days ago

    Jonah Puls

    Hey, would you help me and revise my article please! Thanks:

  • Mark Burlin posted 2832 days ago

    Mark Burlin

    Hey Kevin, I appreciate the help.

    Dallas I think will be in a similar position as last season. Not predicting a 15-1 season but with some more of the same attitude, they can absolutely reign atop the weakened NFC East.

    What you think?

  • David Hedlind posted 2833 days ago

    David Hedlind

    Pride and passion I have no problem with but you can have those things without showboating and grandstanding.

  • Dan Pennwyn posted 2834 days ago

    Dan Pennwyn

    Thanks for the edit Kevin-much appreciated.


  • Matt Shervington posted 2834 days ago

    Matt Shervington

    Hello there Bleacher Report editors... I am writing you because in the past you have either edited one of my articles with great effectiveness or have been commended for editing other's articles to the same extent.

    I am searching for an editor that can help me out prior to publishing an article. I have a rather big project that I would like to publish soon but I know that the style it was written in is more "essay" format as opposed to "bleacher report article" format. I was wondering if somebody could make the appropriate grammatical and format edits prior ro publishing in exchange for equal parts credit.

    I should note that this article includes in-depth write-ups over 101 players and therefore will take quite some time to edit.

    If you are interested in undertaking this project than please contact me in one of the following ways...

  • Steve Thompson posted 2843 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Thanks for reading and editing my article, Kevin.

  • Tommy posted 2846 days ago


    Thanks for the edit! And I'll take your word on Campbell!

  • Ieuan Beynon posted 2851 days ago

    Ieuan Beynon

    Thanks for the edit Kev, really appreciate it,

    Keep up the good work

  • Phil Shore posted 2853 days ago

    Phil Shore

    Thanks for the edits and feedback Kevin! Glad you got something out of it, that's always a great compliment for a writer to hear!