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I like to write about stuff. Mostly, I write about boxing for Bleacher Report and www.TheSweetScience.com. I also contribute to www.BoxingChannel.tv.

My work has been featured at CNN and Fox Sports, and has been cited by various other boxing outlets, including Ring Magazine, Yahoo Boxing and Boxing Scene.

I have also contributed to Boxing Insider, Saddo Boxing, East Side Boxing, The Queensberry Rules and various other boxing media publications.

I'm a member of the International Boxing Research Organization and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board.

My wife, Rachel McCarson, is a boxing photographer. Her work has been featured at NBC Sports, The Sweet Science, etc.

I write about other stuff sometimes, too.

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  • William Fuller posted 19 days ago

    William Fuller

    Kelsey, your articles are insightful and packed full of Truth. No boxing fan in God's universe should be without your inspired writings. I love how you unpack the real story behind fighters and bring the fullness of truth to your articles. I especially like how you tie in the old with the new.

  • Shawn Jones posted 114 days ago

    Shawn Jones

    Hey Kelsey write a story about the return of Sam Peter. thanks have a good day

  • Kelsey McCarson posted 115 days ago

    Kelsey McCarson

    Thanks, pals.

  • Paul Hall posted 172 days ago

    Paul Hall

    Thanks for the great articles. I say Manny should leave Prodnikov alone. He should go get his belt back from Bradley.

  • Indians Fan posted 213 days ago

    Indians Fan

    I love your articols

  • Nihal Advani posted 283 days ago

    Nihal Advani

    Hey Kelsey,

    Big fan of your work.

    Check out this piece we did on the anniversary of The Thirlla in Manila.

    Here's the link: http://doyouremember.com/remembering-thrilla-manila/


  • Jimmy Bryght posted 406 days ago

    Jimmy Bryght

    *read :)

  • Jimmy Bryght posted 406 days ago

    Jimmy Bryght

    I've ready your stuff at Boxing Scene and East Side Boxing (where I was a former freelancer). You're a great writer and I have always enjoyed your style and vision.

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