Kelsey McCarson writes for Bleacher Report and The Sweet Science. He also contributes to Boxing Channel.

Kelsey's work has been featured in the Houston Chronicle, CNN and Fox Sports, and has been cited by various other boxing outlets, including Ring Magazine, Yahoo and Boxing Scene.

Kelsey's wife, Rachel, is a photographer. Her work has been featured at NBC Sports, Bleacher Report, The Sweet Science, etc.

You can email Kelsey at theboxingstop@yahoo.com.

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  • Kelsey McCarson posted 197 days ago

    Kelsey McCarson

    I also hope Khan proves me wrong.

  • Kamran Ahmed posted 236 days ago

    Kamran Ahmed

    I certainly hope Amir Khan proves you wrong

  • Paul Hall posted 265 days ago

    Paul Hall

    I liked the majority of your articles. Now I read where you write about Manny's supposed injury. I find that very unprofessional.

  • Kingz posted 423 days ago


    Your 'Berto Fight Would Be 'Fitting' End for Floyd' article literally made me cringe. Boxing needs better writers, please don't give these people wrong insight and information, like the bs you just posted... damn

  • Kevin McRae posted 491 days ago

    Kevin McRae

    Ha. I didn't even respond because my mind was so blown. That was a great comment tho.

  • Biddle Miller posted 506 days ago

    Biddle Miller

    Of course you wouldn't...why would you? Despite there being a longer list more seasoned organizations that stated the obvious.

  • Biddle Miller posted 506 days ago

    Biddle Miller

    Of course you wouldn't...why would you?

  • Kelsey McCarson posted 521 days ago

    Kelsey McCarson

    Actually, let me rephrase. Some consider him lineal champ based on Ring Mag belt win. Others don't. I don't.

  • Kelsey McCarson posted 522 days ago

    Kelsey McCarson

    He's not the lineal champ. He's the Ring Champ at welterweight not lineal as noted by the TBRB.

  • Biddle Miller posted 529 days ago

    Biddle Miller

    Check your facts, Floyd is already the current lineal champ at WW and SWW