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I'm the former Your Hero. I'm in team HEEL with following members:

Following are the memes that are purely made by me. Images are not mine only ideas are mine.

SOme memes may be out of context. Bear with memes.
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Your Hero's Mind thinks:

1) Wrestling is not for KIDS. *cough WWE*
Wrestling RING is not for old men.*cough TNA*
If this concept is understood, especially the first sentence, we could have a better show.

2)If Sheamus ever again says "Time for talk is over & it's time to fight FELLLLLAAAAAAAAAAA"
I'm going to stop watching him. SERIOUSLY.

3)If Sheamus comes with a smiling face after beatdown by Mark Henry, I'm not going to watch the rest of the segment and their match at ER.

4) Sheamus is really annoying to me. I don't like complaining but Sheamus is really smiling too much.

5)Tons of Funk is really good. They have a great chemistry.

6) Fandango is going to job soon.

7) Believe in the Shield.

8)Daniel Bryan=most over in WWE.

9) Why the hell is Big E. Langston HEEL on Raw and SD and A FACE on NXT? Also why is Mr. Sandow going for NXT championship? I thought Rhodes Scholars was still on.(I maybe wrong.)

10) Why did WWE not feel ashamed of itself when they said that Cody Rhodes is the most underrated talent on the roster.

11) Bring KO and reunite Kings Of Wrestling. If possible sign Sami and reunite Switchblade Conspiracy.
I don't know why in the hell Ko isn't already on the roster?

12) I've heard that in the mysterious (boring) depths of WWE roster, there are titles named Intercontinental and United States Championship. People say there is a Divas title too, never dared to see.

13) TNA tag team division > WHC Events of WWE. (Mainly cuz of A double and Roode.)

14) Christy Hemme is walking' talkin' stylin' and profilin' Botchamania.

15) "WWE News: 4 Independent Stars Take Physicals, Expected to Sign" I'm pretty sure that WWE is no way signin' Sami, Del Sol or Bennet. They are signing Shaun Ricker who doesn't even have a WIKIPEDIA page because he is muscular.

16) Hustle Loyalty Respect eh...?
How about
Muscle Profanity Disrespect. --------That's Your Hero style.

17) What happens when a 35 year old male holds his own hand in front of him and says "U Can't See Me".

BENOIT HAPPENS. (no disrespect towards Benoit, each and every ounce of disrespect for WWE)

18) uMo 4 life. Botchamania 4 life.

19) Anyone bashing TNA for botches, one simple thing every wrestling fan must know:

" You botch when you actually wrestle, which we don't see very often in WWE."

20) There is a gorgeous lady who comes out to stay at the side of the ring. She comes with a very catchy music theme. I love her. oh, someone named Fandango also comes with her, in case you didn't know.

21)If this wasn't PG era, I'm sure that Jericho must have pronounced Fandango's name "Fan-DILDO".
Remember that Stephanie was best?

22) Cena fans are the luckiest persons in the world. I'm jealous of those who like him. I nearly died trying.

23) Someone please tell me what is that, that Bo(?) Dallas(?) have to win the NXT Championship an whole other roster doesn't have.

24) Meet Sweet R formerly known as (The?) Ryback. One of the major part of Tons of Funk.

So as you see there are many thing going on in the great mind of YOUR HERO. This is cuz he is really great. (OK not that great.)

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  • The Villain posted 231 days ago

    The Villain

    Are you still alive???

  • Karan posted 386 days ago


    Bro.... WHy do you come to BR so rarely??

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 396 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly give you...The B/R 2013 Slammys! Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 410 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Well, folks, the time has come. The 2013 Bleacher Report Slammys are nearly here! Please inbox your votes to either me or Nicole, by next Friday, July 12. Nicole and I will contact the winners ahead of time, so they'll be able to prepare an acceptance speech for the RAYlight Reel, if they so please to do so. Also, I'M SO SORRY, but I did the voting process all wrong, so if u inboxed me your votes (except Olli Seppala, Heel, and Corey Mac) a long time ago, RESEND THEM, SO YOUR VOTES WILL COUNT. Instead of just recording the votes, I have to record the names of everyone who voted for a specific person, to make sure that the counts are 100% accurate. And please, please vote people. If you don't, the Slammys were a complete waste of time/effort on my part, and Nicole's part. And if there's a category you're not really fond about voting for, please vote for someone anyway. If no one votes for a category we created, then it was all for nothing. We need every vote. This is nothing like the presidential election. YOUR VOTE COUNTS TREMENDOUSLY. And when you send your votes, send your COMPLETE list of votes-not just voting for a few people at a time. This prevents clutter for me/Nicole.

    Also, there has been 1 final category added to the Slammys-"Feud of the Year" (exclusively for the RAYlight Reel). If you haven't voted, be sure to vote for that category (nominees are up Nicole's bulletin board) too, and even if you have voted, PLEASE send either Nicole or me your vote for this category.


  • CM Mox posted 410 days ago

    CM Mox

    Check out my bio when you have time in your hands :)

  • CM Mox posted 420 days ago

    CM Mox

    CHECK THIS OUT NOW!!! It's Sami's last match in the indies and guess who he's facing!

  • Varad Wategaonkar posted 421 days ago

    Varad Wategaonkar

    Hey dude, I'm from Bombay. Currently in the US. I absolutely love the pun in your username. Cracks me up every time. lol!

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 422 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    State of emergency. Please read my bio. Important stuff!

  • Shashvat posted 423 days ago



  • mwk360 It's time to Duel posted 423 days ago

    mwk360  It's time to Duel

    You know it!