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  • Real NBA Fan posted 368 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    It was nice having you in you in the league. Hope your mom is okay, good luck bro.

  • Enzo Glitched Profile posted 369 days ago

    Enzo Glitched Profile

    stay strong man :)

    and thxs for participating in my League. wish you could stay but i respect ur decision

    good luck!!!!!!

  • Knickerbocker posted 369 days ago



    I feel for you bro... Sorry to hear.

    Is she doing alright?

  • The Durantula posted 369 days ago

    The Durantula

    Wow sorry about what happened to ur mom. Hope she feels better

  • Enzo Glitched Profile posted 369 days ago

    Enzo Glitched Profile

    hey Sam,

    I heard about your situation and i wanna say i hope ur mom feels better. it mustve been very tough for you and your family

    anyways, i want to apologize for kicking you out of the league. I said in the very beginning though that if u are unable to keep track of ur team, whether its adjusting lineups or responding to trade offers, you shouldve let us know so we wont assume you just abandoned your team

    im willing to bring you back in my League if you want. but only if you want to. u said that u have been dealing with a lot (which i understand) and have been stressed out by school, etc
    so if u want to come back, just let me know

  • Real NBA Fan posted 369 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Come on the thread and tell him! I think he'll let you back in!

  • Real NBA Fan posted 370 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Where'd you go?!?!?

    Rembember you said you were gonna be active in the league?

  • Knickerbocker posted 373 days ago



    Where you at bro?

  • Slightly Biased Thunder Fan posted 374 days ago

    Slightly Biased Thunder Fan

    You need to check up with the league bro. It's been a few days since you were here.

  • Enzo Glitched Profile posted 379 days ago

    Enzo Glitched Profile

    yo Sam, i sent u a trade offer