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  • Jacob Burman posted 2870 days ago

    Jacob Burman

    Once again, you were WRONG. Got to love seeing Jeff Hardy on IMPACT.

  • IGGY AZALEA posted 2874 days ago


    What article have you written? It says you've written 1, so you either deleted it or B/R did.

  • IGGY AZALEA posted 2874 days ago


    Hey Surge, have you read The Phantom's latest list about bringing back some past concepts of the WWE? If you haven't then here is the link:

  • Joe Burgett posted 2877 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    I deleted my article, but I thought I'd respond to your comment to Vic. I deleted it because I wanted to leave it up all day yesterday so the apology would be seen. In any case, here is what I copy/pasted from the article to you, that you would now not be able to see because of the deletion.

    Wait a second, just because Victor makes a point that is highly credible, suddenly no one cares about his articles? I like them, I read many articles here and have liked many of his and some of your comments too.

    However, you'd be nuts to say Jeff sold drugs. In fact, the law knows he didn't either. He possessed the drugs, he wasn't selling them. I have no doubt Jeff has done drugs in the past, but he is not some addict.

    Also, I am a fan of many wrestlers, not a mark of any kind, I've made that clear in many articles and comments. Hardy was not selling, he was using the drugs found in his home. And none of them were anything else any other wrestler(other than Punk maybe) has in their home.

    Pain killers are used to kill pain, which many wrestlers get prescriptions for. Steroids are also uses to kill pain, in fact, they are far better than any pain killer. They heal your body quicker and pain subsides far faster too, why not use them?

    Also, Jeff wouldn't be dumb enough to get them off the black market, because he knows like any other dude on the street or anyone who knows where the good stuff is, that the pharmacy has legit drugs while stuff on the street is not always good to get, mainly because other things can be in it.

    He'd have to attain a prescription from a legit doc or have a crooked doc writing them for him, either way a prescription would be there. The doc would be in more trouble than Jeff, why? Because if someone is a drug addict like you say dude, then they cannot help what they are doing, they just need the drugs and as long as the doc gives them to him he'll take them.

    The only other thing found in the Hardy arrest was a small trace of cocaine, which would get him community service or a month in jail if that. So sure, he could go behind bars, but he won't be found guilty of a massive charge as long as those prescriptions are there.

    Also on the addict end of things, is Kurt Angle a drug addict for having HGH on him? He also has a prescription too, and proved it. Is Batista a drug addict now because he used steroids to come back to the WWE faster? Which he was told to do by a doctor.

    Case and point once again is, there is always a reason people should look out before determining a result.

    What kind of mark are you?