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Amanda Zahl

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Hey, My name's Amanda Zahl. I know Zahl sounds weird, but it's Latvian. Oh well, there's nothing I can really do about it. I go to Masters. I am a swimmer. I swim for West Point and I have made Junior Olympics. (I'm too young for the real Olympics). I also play soccer, basketball, softball, and I do dance.

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  • Amanda Zahl posted 2689 days ago

    Amanda Zahl


  • ROB Comstock posted 2694 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    finbar what are u talking about?
    and who are u calling an idiot?????

  • Finbar Casey posted 2694 days ago

    Finbar Casey

    idiot i'm a ninth grader

  • ROB Comstock posted 2701 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    amanda, write an article! it's fun!

  • ROB Comstock posted 2719 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    no, this "mike simmons" used to be nino
    cuz i remember he had the metallica picture for his profile pic.
    and read the comments on his profile

  • Sarah Concilio posted 2719 days ago

    Sarah Concilio

    no i think mike is mike

  • ROB Comstock posted 2720 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    mike is nino lipovac

  • Kyla George posted 2720 days ago

    Kyla George

    who is mike?

  • ROB Comstock posted 2727 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    can u be my fan?

  • ROB Comstock posted 2727 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    mike, what are you saying?