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Josh Feeney

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My name is Josh Feeney i am 14 and have a strong interest in MMA. I have trained in several martial arts including MMA for about 6-7 years now. I began watching UFC at around UFC 60. I remember the moment that i got hooked on the sport , i was watching UFC 70 with my dad and he told me about how Mirko Cro Cop was famous for his highlight reel head-kick knock-outs. So i was there at 7 years old and i saw Gabriel Gonzaga KO Cro Cop and break his leg. I remember feeling so disgusted but for some reason i kept wanting to watch it again. This knockout made me believe that Gabriel Gonzaga was the best fighter on the planet...........turns out i was wrong. So i watched EVERY single UFC since that day and i have discovered the amount of skiLl that some fighters posses. It interested me so much. I wanted to start myself and i did and now hear i am on Bleacher report telling everyone.

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