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I was born on St. Patrick’s Day 1971 in Barking, East London. During my early years my bedroom was adorned with posters of Cruyff and Neeskens, and pendants of FC Barcelona. The first football shirt I ever owned was the classic Blaugrana of Barca.

I've been lucky enough to attend some wonderful games over the years - both Champions League finals v Manchester United in 2009 and 2011, and the match which gave me the outstanding football memory of my lifetime - Andres Iniesta's injury time goal at Stamford Bridge in 2009.

I also have the great privilege of being Public Relations Delegate for Penya Blaugrana London, the Official FC Barcelona Supporters Club in London. My love for soccer has always endured.

I've interviewed many people from the football world, and Carlos Alberto, Brazil's 1970 World Cup winning captain has to be my favourite to this point.

I've completed a 52.4 mile ultramarathon in the UK, am a qualified UK Athletics running coach and I am very happily married with 3 wonderful children who all share my love of sport.

My own website is:

Freelance for @gulfnewssport @itvsport @aljazeerasport @sport @talksport and many more.

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  • Blau Grana posted 24 days ago

    Blau Grana

    Honestly, any time you write an article which isn't a simple preview, you write complete crap. And stop using the fact that editors give you article titles as an excuse.

  • Sepp Blatter posted 32 days ago

    Sepp Blatter

    You are an ok writer I guess...keep on working hard on your articles!

  • Eric posted 34 days ago


    how come you diss Barca if youre a Barca fan?

  • Run Villa Run posted 69 days ago

    Run Villa Run

    You write utter SHIT. GTFO of B/R unless you improve man. Your first articles were nice but now not so good.

  • Jihoon Nam posted 70 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    "He reached his nadir while at Barcelona and at the same time on the international stage."

    Nadir means lowest point... Perhaps you meant climax or zenith?

    (From your 90's Barca dream team article, Stoichkov's slide)

  • mike south posted 125 days ago

    mike south

    useless bro. . now u just want messi to come to england thats y u writing shit

  • Lucas Teunissen posted 310 days ago

    Lucas Teunissen

    worst bleacher report writer ever....

  • Robert Moore posted 451 days ago

    Robert  Moore

    Jason, can you please tell me when you started supporting Barcelona? I noticed your best ever football moment(s) were from the last few years..! The reason I ask is that the last I see you at a football match you was wearing a silly jester hat supporting West Ham United. What changed or is that silly question? Reeks of glory hunting to me...

  • nahid m posted 455 days ago

    nahid m

    Hi Jason can you put light or your thought on the following issue: I think we have to start thinking about phasing out Xavi, I am afraid that would not be easy. We lost Thiago, when I saw him playing for Bayern, I felt sorry for Barca. I do not know if we can replace him with someone this matured. There are potentials out there in Oliver Torres and Barca should spend crazy amount of money if necessary should sell sergio roberto, Alex Song if necessary i order to finance that, any thoughts ??????????
    I have another point, crazy it may sound: Messi could replace Xavi in few years. Recently we have seen him in a traditional no 10 position. We have a front man in Neymar. Besides he plays in that position for Argentina. As he ages, burst running or any recurrence of injury could force him to play in a traditional no 10 position. May be a crazy thought....

  • ryann cennts posted 493 days ago

    ryann cennts

    this might go off topic but i think that since Barcelona fans are too into their recent trophy wins that they are forgetting that the years of their domination are coming to an end, Xavi is not the same , iniesta only has like 2-3 season left of him, fabregas is not suited for la liga football. Also with the new goalkeeper coming in I can see some major consequences. Victor valdes is not replaceable for Barcelona fc right now, bringing in a young goalkeeper that will have loads of expectations will cost them. As for their defense I dont believe Pique,Bartra will be good enough in the seasons to come.