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  • Mohamed Taha posted 795 days ago

    Mohamed  Taha

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  • Mohamed Taha posted 796 days ago

    Mohamed  Taha

    hey, were you the guy with tony allens twitter picture as yours?

  • Daniel M. posted 806 days ago

    Daniel M.

    yeah you could make a case. if someone has KG ahead of kobe, I wouldn't object to that. not many people appreciate his career. in his prime, I think KG was better. I once had him ahead of kobe, and I could do it again in the future. so, you are not alone.

  • Ibuessi posted 808 days ago


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  • Ibuessi posted 809 days ago


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  • Dan B posted 810 days ago

    Dan B

    Yes, he is a good writer, but let's his opinions get in the way too much. Though game 6 was LeBron's best game in that Celtics series, I don't think it's as great because his team was up by ten pretty much the whole game, so he wasn't feeling that much pressure, but LeBron in that series amazed me, I was more impressed with his performance in the closer games of that series. I'm a LeBron hater, but that after that series I could no longer deny his greatness, still am not that fond of him, but I easily accept now that he is the best player in the world and he dominated that series. Making the argument for Jordan's flu game over all those other epic performances is like saying Willis Reed's return in game 7 of the 1971 finals should be on the list, he only scored four points, but it inspired the team and was amazing to see him play through injury. Yes Jordan's flu game was amazing, but as I saw you point out 13-27 doesn't warrant the 2nd best playoff performance of all time.

    Kelly's clearly biased in all his articles, he's definitely a Kobe hater, after 5 championship runs, 7 finals runs, and 15 playoff appearances, I'm pretty sure somewhere along the line Kobe had a game that should be on there, vs. Kings in 2001 or 2002 can't remember or vs. Pacers in the finals when Shaq fouled out or first round against Phoenix when he put the team on his back and almost pulled off one of the biggest upsets of all time in 2006 or 2007 can't remember. Also I don't know how one of Dirk's games in 2011 or one of Wade's games in 2006 doesn't make the list. Though I have to agree with his number one choice, that Magic playing center game in my personal opinion is the best playoff performance ever.

  • Ibuessi posted 810 days ago


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  • Joshua Ghoulian posted 810 days ago

    Joshua  Ghoulian

    Read some of your comments defending Lebron and I think you do a really good job! Keep up the good work!

  • Colin W. posted 817 days ago

    Colin W.

    Yeah, even though he only came into the league in 1970, Kareem kind of bridges the gap between the 60s and 80s given that he played guys like Wilt and Olajuwon. There's no question he'd dominate today, that skyhook would still be unstoppable.

    I think Wilt would still be one of the better centers today, though. He may even be dominant. The dude was 7'1 and incredibly athletic. That kind of size and ability would still translate today. He wouldn't average 50 and 25 obviously, but I still think he'd have a big impact.

  • Colin W. posted 817 days ago

    Colin W.

    Yeah that's a pretty good philosophy to rank players by. While it's obvious that some players would translate better than others (Wilt would fare better than Russell, for example), it's still pretty much impossible to tell.