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  • Lets Be Reasonable posted 1560 days ago

    Lets  Be Reasonable

    Boom boom.

  • SCSA biggest fan posted 1560 days ago

    SCSA biggest fan

    You suck kid and your profile pic too !

  • Andy Keith posted 1673 days ago

    Andy Keith

    Why the F**K do you pretend to be 3 years old?

  • Karan posted 1673 days ago


    Are you even educated??

  • Auranga'BAD GUY' posted 1673 days ago

    Auranga'BAD GUY'

    And yes please explain me what gimmick are you in? I am assuming that you are gimmick account.

  • Auranga'BAD GUY' posted 1673 days ago

    Auranga'BAD GUY'

    Hey. Look, I'm not here to bash you like people below are doing. I find troll and gimmick account actually funny. Just tell me for information's sake, how old are you? No pun intended. I was myself troll for a week or two.

  • alex hudson posted 1673 days ago

    alex hudson

    Please go away. Nobody likes you. You're not funny. You're not edgy. You're not cool. You're just really, really, annoying.

  • Believe In The Shield posted 1675 days ago

    Believe In The Shield

    Have you been to school, or do you believe that being immature makes you "cool?"

  • Colton G posted 1679 days ago

    Colton G

    How old are you?