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  • SCSA biggest fan posted 445 days ago

    SCSA biggest fan

    I want to say kindly don't tell me that just keep that crap with you.I know very well that you are a rock's fan and hell I was a big rocky fan back when he was in attitude era but for now he sucks so bad !! He can't wrestle,has no power left in him,he is on loads of juices(steroids),he is an egomaniac,he has no time for RAW,his injury might be fake in my opinion,he has nothing left for him in WWE now,he can turn his ass and get away to hollywood now.
    Hope it helped!!!

  • Alex Riley is the best 2.0 posted 446 days ago

    Alex Riley is the best 2.0

    now would you look at that your comment was deleted on glencross' article what a fucking bitch

  • Sports Lover posted 451 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    How do you fan yourself?

  • SCSA biggest fan posted 451 days ago

    SCSA biggest fan

    I am 20.What about you?

  • Adrian Fylonenko posted 459 days ago

    Adrian Fylonenko

    I don't think I have enough knowledge to write an article about that. It seems like EVERYBODY loves The Rock. I think Rock will be cheered (like always) and Cena will be boo'ed (like always). I am writing an article tomorrow before Mania, but I haven't decided what to do yet. I am also writing another Attitude Era Fantasy Feuds article, but will probably post it after Mania because nobody will be interested about that when Mania will be only a few hours away.

    That sucks about you being ratted out. I guess don't get her upset anymore? I don't know lol.

  • Adrian Fylonenko posted 459 days ago

    Adrian Fylonenko

    Thanks for the fan add. What happened that your account was suspended? Also, what was your account name before this one?

  • Adrian Fylonenko posted 459 days ago

    Adrian Fylonenko

    Thank you for the fan add!