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Top 10 players in the NBA now:
1) Lebron James
2) KD
3) Chris Paul
4) Kobe
5) Dwight
6) D wade
7) Carmelo
8) Westbrook
9) Deron Williams
10) Andrew Wiggins IF he entered now.

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  • MGC posted 432 days ago


    u look like a beaner

  • MGC posted 439 days ago


    keep guessing.

  • MGC posted 446 days ago


    you don't even know what i look like.

  • Mista Amazing posted 450 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Yeah you're right he will get drafted by the Bobcats.
    But the Hawks will draft Jahlil Okafor. Dynasty in the making.

  • MGC posted 453 days ago


    hop off Andrew Wiggins nuts

  • Josh Vis posted 453 days ago

    Josh Vis

    tangina mo

  • hi hi hi posted 456 days ago

    hi hi hi

    go bobcats