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Jamie Morrison

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I'm an avid Cleveland sports fan living in Steeler's Country. I cannot fully explain the absolute dread of having to listen to the endless drivel of uneducated, one toothed, hill-jack "Stiller and "Peen State" fans. I love the Cavs, Browns, Buckeyes, and Tribe, and I follow the Pens since I'm here in PA. I'm a big college football fan, as I really enjoy the draft and the draft process, scouting, and watching players develop. I am a drinker of the Holmgren/Heckert Kool-Aid. I'm not a big fan of the PD, as Tony Grossi is hit and miss,as are Brian Windhorst and Paul Hoynes; Mary Kay seems to be a miss every time, especially when you consider the stupid questions she asks during interviews and her constant hitting on Peyton Hillis. I do however enjoy Bud Shaw's column, as well as Starting Blocks'.

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