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  • Shehan Jeyarajah posted 1648 days ago

    Shehan Jeyarajah

    Hey The Truth, I don't think Terrence will get many minutes yet. There's a logjam in the front court heading into the playoffs, so I don't think he'll get a real opportunity until maybe next season.

  • DELETE ACCOUNT posted 1661 days ago



  • Marshall Zweig posted 1661 days ago

    Marshall Zweig

    LOL I was wondering the same thing!

  • DELETE ACCOUNT posted 1662 days ago


    Thanks Kenny, didn't know much about his inconsistency. Can you elaborate? Rookie mistakes or something worse?

  • DELETE ACCOUNT posted 1662 days ago


    I figured that, just thought you had some behind the scenes insight. But I do believe you are right about McHale, especially with Motiejunas falling from 'grace'.

  • Kenny DeJohn posted 1662 days ago

    Kenny DeJohn

    I'm not so sure. He definitely had a great game against Sacramento, but that's such a small sample size (against a mediocre team mind you). Maybe McHale gives him a few more chances before the playoffs start, but don't expect him to receive a ton of minutes when they do. He's too inconsistent to rely on.

  • Sebastian Lena posted 1662 days ago

    Sebastian Lena

    Well, he's definitely been on tear in D-League. But I don't think you give the guy big minutes after one performance against the Kings. However, I do think McHale gives Jones a little more minutes just to see if he can keep up his level of play.