Richard Sayre

Richard Sayre


Life long New York Giants fan but that won't stop me from being critical when it calls for it. I don't play games and I don't sugar coat my opinions.

I don't have any degrees or writing awards. No majors or minors. Not a single college credit to my name and I don't plan on ever having any. All I have is my mind. My hands do the rest. Everything I have to say on here is my opinion and nothing more. If you can't handle it, you shouldn't read it.

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  • Michael Samuel posted 3465 days ago

    Michael Samuel

    thanks for the info on Carr, didn't realize that he didnt perform well in OTA. So if they cut him you think Anthony Wright will be Eli's back up?

  • Ryan Droege posted 3470 days ago

    Ryan Droege

    It's perfectly acceptable to start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction (and, but, etc...). However, you must take caution of when you utilize this technique, and you should do so sparing throughout your work.