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My main site is RedSoxmaniac.Com and soon to be . I currently write on the side as well. Most of my writing is based on the love of the game, and not always rooting for my beantown teams. If you need weekly picks for any sport, I can run you up some guarantees.

I like doing projects of all kinds. If you have anything you would like to interest me, from sports to business to roaming pandas, feel free to email me. If I critique you, its usually because you are too subjective in your understanding of sports, and fail to see the big picture.

This happens to me as well, and hope someone shoots me down if I offer to slanted an ideology on a specific topic. I probably won't concede to the current Manny-bashing. He's an ass, but there would be more suicides in Red Sox nation if he wasn't around the last few years. Very few fans remember how close they were to ending their lives after Game 3 in 2004. Remember where we have been, and how far we have gotten since. And remember who was our WS MVP in 2004. Remember. Don't forget. Or you suck.

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  • Anthony Pascual posted 3078 days ago

    Anthony Pascual

    Let me know what you think i would really like some input on my article.

  • Paul Swaney posted 3112 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    A Boston fan's dream weekend. Check it out!

  • JW Nix posted 3114 days ago

    JW Nix

    I screwed up the link, but fixed the title

    the offense is done:

  • Bleacher Report posted 3220 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    I'm not sure I know enough/can find enough info on Guthrie, but that's a great idea.

    I could do an article about the pitchers from Stanford in that period (1997-2005) and try to figure out why the guys who were most impressive in college weren't the ones who made it in the pros.

    Guys like Kyle Peterson, Jeff Austin, Justin Wayne, Jason Young, Joe Borchard, Guthrie, etc.

  • Mike Kent posted 3221 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    About a month ago i asked many of the top baseball writers who will win the World Series. . Want to see what rest of the Baseball top writers think about the 2009 season and World Series?

  • Kirk Snyder posted 3221 days ago

    Kirk Snyder

    Thanks for the favorite article pick.

  • Dan Callagy posted 3293 days ago

    Dan Callagy

    my newest red sox article
    thought it might intrest you (i saw your name)
    check it out if you can

  • jeff ircink posted 3305 days ago

    jeff ircink

    your thoughts...where was the Comeback Player during that Miami/Baltimore games, Red Sox Maniac?

  • jeff ircink posted 3312 days ago

    jeff ircink

    my mistake about NE - i had thought they got a wild card. there's something wrong when an 11-5 team doesn't get into the playoffs.

    i agree the Jets blew a great season, but that doesn't fall JUST on Favre. it's a team effort and the TEAM will agree with me that they ALL share in the blame. Mangini will get the ax today, i'm certain.

    regarding Chad and Miami, i was 95% sure they'd beat the Jets, albeit a close game. however, to say make any references (not referring to you but just in general) that the Jets should've kept Chad isn't logical thinking. just because he performed well at Miami doesn't mean he wouild've had the same results at NY. he was there last year and they went 4-12. Brett, along with others, helped to double the Jets' wins. does that mean i'm satisfied with how the season turned out? no. but to pin ALL that on Brett is unfair. there were plenty of dropped balls in yesterday's game by Jets' receiver, as well as throws slightly off by Favre. AND Brett was under pressure - as usual - the entire game. Chad wasn't.

  • jeff ircink posted 3313 days ago

    jeff ircink

    nice. why are you pushing your article down my throat? i already told you weeks ago i wasn't interested. i realize you're gloating but perhaps you're not hearing me. i wasn't interested in reading it before and i'm not interested in it now. has nothing to do with how the Jets' season turned out. they coulda went on to the playoffs and won the SB and i wouldn't have read it.

    you're pushy. too pushy for my taste. good luck in the playoffs. if NE falls hard i'll make sure to check in with you to pour salt in your wound. boston-area teams...guess i'm assuming you're a NE fan. i could be wrong.