Mayank S.

Mayank S.


I've been a huge sports fan for a long time. Unscripted storylines, passion, sacrifice and unique circumstances that make up sports has always been one of the most intriguing things to me. I'm a Philly fanboy at heart and support pretty much all Philadelphia teams no matter how well or poorly they are doing.

My favorite sport to watch as a kid was hockey and while I'm still fond of the sport and watch it with great enjoyment to this day, I've definitely become more of a football addict. I enjoy baseball very much as well. My favorite athlete to this day is Allen Iverson and while his departure from the NBA has caused me to lose a lot of interest in basketball, I will never forget all the great memories I had watching "The Answer" light up arenas every night. To me he defines what it means "To give it your all" when you play the game.

I love discussing sports and love fans who are passionate about their teams and their opinions, even if I happen to not like their teams and find their opinion to be completely off-base. I think that is just what makes sports so great, it can bring so many people together even though they may be from a different background and have very different opinions.

I hope you will enjoy reading my articles and find them somewhat insightful! Please feel free to give me feedback, thoughts and opinions!

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