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Patrick Drabble

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✔MY CLIENTS are typically:
• Business Owners and Leaders
• Executives and Senior Leadership Team Members
• Emerging Leaders, New Leaders, Leadership-Pool Talent

✔MY BELIEFS -- The Foundation Around Which My Executive Coaching Practice is Built:

[1] - I believe we are all capable of accomplishing much more than what we've accomplished so far -- untapped potential resides in us all

[2] - I believe that when we figure out how to unlock the "code" to leveraging our potential and then deal effectively with the things that may be holding us back .... we will accelerate our rise to a whole new "next level" of performance -- teeing us up for long term career success

[3] - I believe we all get so tied up in the day-to-day "swirl of activity" that we fail to focus on those things that leverage our potential and propel us to that next level. Focus is the key

[4] - I believe everyone can and should love what they do for a living. If your job and career is fully aligned with your purpose, potential and strengths, then you can and will love what you do for a living

[5] - And finally, I believe balancing and integrating work, professional, personal and family goals is an absolute key to sustainable success and happiness -- All of us are capable of achieving optimum balance and integration once we know the key.

My coaching practice is 100% focused on the above beliefs -- and I'm 100% committed to helping my clients pursue alignment with these beliefs.

You too are capable of achieving all of the above. It's all about choosing to start, and then taking the first step.

I would be honored to be a part of that first step for you as your coach, advocate, sounding board and thinking partner.

Please CONTACT ME today --to schedule a no cost, no obligation conversation, and let's talk about how we can work together to help you achieve your potential.

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