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I have been a wrestling fan since the day I fell out of my mothers wume. I love WWE and can't stand TNA. I don't have much of anything in my life exept for wrestling and straight edge. Oh, i forgot to tell you, I'm also straight edge. I worship wrestling like it's my religion. I will knock out anybody who disrespects me or doesn't like my style. And if your not down with that then i've got TWO WORDS FOR YA. Please leave.

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  • lee raydean posted 2427 days ago

    lee  raydean

    i enjoyed ur slideshows very much. i am trying to get back on here. catch up with me on facebook

  • Bill Ring posted 2831 days ago

    Bill Ring

    im only on cause im at my freinds house dont expect me to be on much cause my internet was turned of. It will be a few more weeks before it gets turned back on. Sorry :(

  • IGGY AZALEA posted 2835 days ago


    Check this article out:

    It is written by a very deserving, very talented sports writer. Mike AKA the Professor. Refer this article to everyone, so it can be eligible to receive 1,000 reads or more!

    I' am doing this to help Mike out, so help me to help out Mike.

  • Bill Ring posted 2884 days ago

    Bill Ring

    look for my next article coming either thursday or friday.

  • Mr. Ashley Morris posted 2919 days ago

    Mr. Ashley Morris

    Thanks for the fan add, Bill!