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  • Julio Jones posted 1663 days ago

    Julio  Jones

    this was too long to add on the thread. which I did but deleted.

    : You know as well as I do that it takes almost nothing, to go viral and become an urban legend.
    Meyer would never, never play someone who did not perform in practice.

    Of course coaches should expect anyone, esp. starters, to get a olay.
    Some televised game relatively early 2011, one doing 'color' and one describing what was going on, on the fied. A very long completed pass over the middle. The 'color' guy tells this story: interview with Mike McCoy. (about that particular just-completed play) said they didn't 'master' it in pratice, McC recounted that Tebow said "don't worry coach, We'll do it in the game". So that one color commentor insinuated, on national TV that Tebow must not do well in practice.,

    There are no quotes or even insinuations from any player or coach that TT was poor in practice. Since I was not there and don't know, I can't say tell you. with certainy ....any more than anyone else on the internet who comments on Tebow. But I do know how things become "fact"......I've watched it. I think that idea evolved because he was so clutch after not impressing.

    As to ciriticicism, "Tebow fans" must have been the folks in Mile High because THEY were clamoring for Tebow. Not folks in FL or Tennessee. Everyone understood they were second tier (at the time) with almost no game experioence (like Tebow) That is not a knock on them, In the Bears game, TT was ecouraging DT after a dropped pass. They became very good. Think DT would drop one of PM's passes now? Now wayl He knows he'd get reamed. (haha)
    As to deveopment, I'm not the one to comment on that. Talking heads said he did, and gave quotes from Cavenaugh backing that---- although not to everyone's satisfaction.
    I don't think "Tebow fans" (which is a dumb moniker) gloss over his short comings, but they do want him to succeed. And think he can based on history. Even his stats from his first three games (in 10( was significatly better----- than 11. under Fox.. and there are probably some legitimate reasons for that (which is a whole different topic) so no, based under those two situations he did not improve greatly.
    However, he "improved" in the fourth quarters. . Reason? The chains came off and coaches became less conservative.
    Agree that a position change (based on player size) is absurd at this point. I think, hope......that BB beleives the same thing. He's a QB. Period.

    And AC, I also watched every Denver game; every play.. Cheers.

  • Bobbi posted 1756 days ago


    AC Lee:

    Welcome to B/R... I see you have just posted
    your first comment.

    Your writing style reminds me of someone else.
    You are a good writer and I will be looking
    forward to seeing you on the boards.

    I also have the honor of becoming your first fan.