Sarah Concilio

Sarah Concilio


Hi my name is SArah!!
My bff's on here are Rob (he is gay, Amanda,and kyla)
I love soccer,baseball, and football.

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  • ROB Comstock posted 2799 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    oh, that's uh...panic! at the disco, right?

    the sex pistols are obviously sexier
    like, 10000000x hotter

  • ROB Comstock posted 2799 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    sarah, who's ur profile pic. of?
    everyone knows who mine's of right?

  • Kyla George posted 2805 days ago

    Kyla George

    hhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy sssssssaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Concilio posted 2835 days ago

    Sarah Concilio

    well yeh but

  • Kyla George posted 2836 days ago

    Kyla George

    cause he is a jerk
    most of the time

  • Sarah Concilio posted 2839 days ago

    Sarah Concilio


  • Kyla George posted 2842 days ago

    Kyla George

    4get him!

  • Sarah Concilio posted 2843 days ago

    Sarah Concilio

    Stop ganging up on finbar

  • ROB Comstock posted 2849 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    ok, finbar, we weren't even talking to u...? just to let u know...yeh...

    i bet u enjoy talking to us cuz u have nothing else to do~
    u don't have to deny it!!!!!!

  • Finbar Casey posted 2854 days ago

    Finbar Casey

    That's great, you gus are losers.