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Will be gone until May 7(?) possibly 8. So I definitely will not be able to reply, I apologize

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  • mazoomy posted 15 hours ago


    Ugh, the matchup for the final has been decided. It's too much for my faint heart. If we were to lose to Messi it would be the exact opposite of my crowning achievement. It would be the lowest point I could ever reach. I'd become the crap found under the crap you can scrape off at the bottom of a barrel.

    For me, this game is simply a must-not-lose. Under no circumstances can an Argentina victory come to pass.

    On a lighter note, do you watch/know of Running Man? I got hooked on it like 2 months ago and started watching from the beginning, and saw Park Ji Sung on the show!!!! That was totally crazy, I couldn't believe it. Man I really miss him, but he was so great to watch on the show.

  • The king posted 2 days ago

    The  king

    I'm good man :),how about you?.

    I'm very happy with our signings so far and the fact that we're showing intent by going after players like Vidal and Di maria makes me even more happy! I think we'll get Vidal though,there is a rumour going on that his agent is flying to Turin to speak to Juventus about Vidal.

    Back to Herrera and Shaw,both are good players with very nice potential. Shaw and Januzaj would be so good together! They could play for about 12 years together so I'm delighted with that. About Herrera,we need someone aggressive and tough tackling next to him,Vidal would be perfect but Carvalho would be realistic.

    I think we're going to end up with 5 signings this summer,what do you think and what's your thoughts on our new signings.

    Also who do you think will win the WC?

  • Sir Manny 2.0 posted 5 days ago

    Sir Manny 2.0

    Also I'm thrilled so far with the signings. Although they were costly there are mitigating factors which make it understandable.

    Firstly with Herrera it was a buy-out clause and there's nothing we could do as we all know Bilbao. With Luke Shaw we vastly overpaid and he's probably worth 10 million less however Southampton know how much money we have and they were determined to squeeze out every penny they could. Also I do think the price will pay itself back overtime as he probably will mature into a world class player and that essentially sorts out our LB positon for the next decade.

    I still think we need a few more signings namely a CB, DM and a winger however I skeptical of the elite names were being linked to like Di Maria and Vidal.

  • Sir Manny 2.0 posted 5 days ago

    Sir Manny 2.0

    Hey man! My old account didn't allow me to comment or like comments, it took me about a month to be bothered enough to make a new one. But anyways I'm back.

  • Corey McDevitt posted 6 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Isaiah Thomas has potential, i'll give him that, but he's not really the ideal fit for guys like Dirk, Ellis and Chandler. Maybe he could be a good distributor, it could be an aspect of his game that hasn't been exploited possibly? I don't know, i wouldn't be mad if we took him but i don't think he's the guy for us, i think him and Ellis wouldn't match up well against other guards together and also Ellis is pretty much a combo guard who demands a lot of ball to be effective, he can score superbly and he's such an underrated passer! So he needs his fair share of ball!

    Pau to Dallas, i hate that idea too, it would be a complete waste of our cap. Especially now that we have Chandler. Pau and Dirk would be a defensive liability, we need an anchor, and we have him in Chandler, we are much better resigning Dejuan Blair, or going after a guy like Ed Davis, Kris Humphries or Patrick Patterson, however i really wanna keep Blair!

    Sucks about Patty Mills injury! I'm glad he still got paid though!

  • mazoomy posted 6 days ago


    Yeah imagine if Ed Woodward pulls off Vidal's transfer? He'd go from one of one of the most hated figures at United to a club legend in one move LOL.

    Wait, who do you want sold? RvP or Rooney? I want Rooney gone, but the way you wrote it it sounds like you want RvP out? If it's between the two I'd side with Rooney, but I can see the case for RvP to be shipped out too. He's looked good (mostly) for Netherlands though so he definitely should be given another season. If he can score goals anything like THAT header then we're in for an amazing season :D

    You first at first, but then Abz had to change a picture or something and put his old account into the Challenge Cup or something. He had those predictions in there from months ago, and they turned out to be super accurate lol. He's apparently ranked #1 in the UK and #12 in the world. Crazy.

    I was hoping Switzerland and Chile would knock out Argentina and Brazil :( It would have been so much fun to see that happen to two of the "tournament favourites". Neither of them have been impressive so far so I don't think either really has a chance at winning anyway.

    I'll slightly disagree on Messi. He's had his moments of magic, no doubt, but he hasn't been convincing over 90 minutes in any of his games, as far as I remember. He's popped up here and there and done something pretty special, which is great, but if you're at the WC and you're credited as the best player of your generation I want to see a little more out of you. Just look at how much Zidane did. For me, he's the greatest player I've seen play in my lifetime. What a player he was!

    Last year's? Do you mean WC 2010 lol? The officiating was terrible then too, absolutely. It seems they recently have horrendous refereeing at every major tournament these days.

  • Corey McDevitt posted 7 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    That Toronto ATL trade was crazy, i thought ATL valued Lou Williams far more than that. I remember last year saying Washington should try trade for him in a package consisting of Webster and Seraphin and ATL fans thought i was crazy and delusional. However i guess if ATL are clearing cap to make a push for Melo or James or whatever then it makes sense, however i don't think ATL is going to land any big names, possibly Deng maybe.. Orlando trade was unexpected too, i mean i knew they were looking to deal Afflalo but i thought they would get a much better deal!

    Melo would fit in Dallas however it's i don't think its going to happen. I really hope Dallas can get Parsons or Deng! Isaiah Thomas is wanted by Dallas too which is interesting!

  • Rincewind Rjinswand posted 7 days ago

    Rincewind Rjinswand

    Hahaha, no worries. I'd almost forgotten about that, to be honest. Well, impressive that you could tell it was Japanese. Unless it was just a guess. Haha.

    One of the main things I've noticed about the World Cup (apart from the dodgy officiating) is that despite the fact that everyone seemed convinced that the tournament would be terrible due to all of the injured stars, it's still ended up being hugely entertaining and one of the best WCs in recent memory. It's amazing what happens when teams decide to actually play attacking football, huh?... -__-
    Definite highlights are the Netherlands dismantling Spain, Brazil being extremely unconvincing in most of their games and slightly derailing the hype train, Greece actually attacking for once, the USA not being terrible, Costa Rica amazing everyone, and just about every Colombia game.

    If I'm honest, I think Germany COULD win it, but only if Loew decides to just swallow his pride and stop trying to copy Bayern's new tiki-taka style and stick to a gegenpressing style (a la Dortmund under Klopp and Bayern under Heynckes), as well as drop the whole using-four-CBs idea and moving Lahm to RB and Durm to LB. Apart from Germany though, I have to say that I'd love for Colombia to go all the way. They're such an entertaining side to watch and have a great team ethic. But apart from Germany, France have got to be the other favorites at this stage, and Colombia the (relative) dark horse. I don't think Brazil or Argentina have a chance based on their performances thus far. Belgium and Costa Rica COULD happen, but I wouldn't bet on it. As for the Netherlands, they'll have to significantly up their game from the performances against Australia and Mexico to have a chance of winning it. If they do, only then can they be considered to be favorites to win the competition as well.

    What are your thoughts?

  • Mark Jimenez posted 8 days ago

    Mark Jimenez

    Sorry for the late reply also xD.

    I don't really watch college sports,but I do happen to know a lot about Kyle Anderson. He's basically a 6'9 point guard with crazy passing skills... He's a perfect fit imo. He can shoot from what I've seen,but his release his REALLY slow. I think he's going to improve like Kawhi did when he came to San Antonio though.

  • Trey Tak posted 8 days ago

    Trey Tak

    Yeah, the quality of BR articles have dipped for me recently. Especially when it comes to Manchester United. Cavani, really? What, Rooney, RVP, Chicharito, James Wilson, and Welbeck isn't good enough?

    Vidal is starting to seem possible, because it seems like he wants a move. We'll see after the World Cup though. Gotta be positive, hey there's a better chance for Vidal to come to United than LeBron coming to my Suns haha.

    As for wingers, I would love to see Depay at United, he is scary good on the left wing. Lightning quick and has a powerful shot. He'd be a cheaper option than Alexis or Di Maria, that's for sure.

    And I'm still skeptical about Fellaini playing deep. He can be a disruptive force there if he wants to, but I think his years at Everton and for Belgium have molded him into a pseudo striker who can disrupt defenses with strong tackling and interceptions. He has the right attributes for the job, but his mind is just more suited closer to the striker. Also, he'll be outdone by pacier players in midfield. Pace is becoming more and more important in the modern game. Look at Germany right now in the WC, even though they are a passing hub of excellence, they can be exposed by quicker teams. Kroos and Schweini aren't exactly Usain Bolts in midfield lol, and neither is Fellaini.