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  • Zach Grabo posted 1511 days ago

    Zach  Grabo

    Sorry, for the late reply, Jason. I've had a very long two weeks at work.

    Anyways, I don't really mind the way we are playing right now. So long as it breeds a win-at-all-costs mentality within our team. We still display some slick passing motions, but we already knew we were capable of that. What we weren't capable of was closing games out on top, we never had the mental strength to keep hold of leads or favorable ties. Giant mental collapses had become a hallmark of our squad. Now things are different, and I think that we will begin to see some of the more positive play return soon. I of course say this with perfect hindsight having seen the Sunderland game, but oh well.

    The 3-5-2 that we used against Sunderland, could not be better suited to Coutinho. I am very excited to see him slot in behind SAS, with Johnson and Enrique (who is looking better on offense, than usual) running the touchline. Should be stellar.

    I understand what you mean about GM, douchebag fans from opposing teams talking shit is one thing, but a supposed fan of your own team? An entirely different level of irritating.

  • Zach Grabo posted 1519 days ago

    Zach  Grabo

    Buddy, just wait the GM bile out. Did you notice how absent he was from these forums for the first four games? He comes on here once things aren't going well for the team spews forth his cretinous ramblings and then retreats into whatever dank, lightless hole he came from. He has been doing this for at least three years, and no matter what response he gets, he always comes back. He isn't worth responding too.

    Anyways, what did you think of today's game? Yesterday's I guess, now.