Bradley Hicks

Bradley Hicks


Hey everyone...

A bit about me - I am from Australia. Grew up in Western Australia, now live in Queensland with my fiance. We have 2 dogs, no kids but they are in the plans.

I love Pro Wrestling, Basketball and Rugby League, and watch it whenever I can

Hopefully I can start getting some more articles in - I welcome all critisism, I do want to become a better writer.

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  • Joe Burgett posted 2781 days ago

    Joe Burgett

    On your latest article, you had good insight on your predictions. In fact, I agree with many. However, there are a few things that could upgrade it a bit. When separating matches, like say, Sting vs RVD for the World Title, BOLD that, to make the name of that stand out, then do it for all the other matches too.

    Also, you can write more on something, like go more in depth and all. You don't have to go by any sort of word limit. B/R has none. With that said, I say think about some stuff you wanna talk about, write them ALL down, then put them in the article and make sure it flows well. You may not have a lot to say some days, but others you may have more.

    I'm sure you could say more on things, heck everyone could. But some fear of writing too much. Don't, write until everything you wanna say is out there for the world to see, whether they agree on it or not.