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No, I'm not a Ban Wagoner, but this is what I think.

Ban Wagoners....
Through out the season I saw in the N. County Times, and the San Diego Tribune people wanting to sell their tickets after the second loss, and even some Charger Gear. That's fine, but it's amaizing how quick the window flags, and jerseys came out from the wood works, after the Chargers clinched the postseason, just like in previous years. Where were you all at before during the 1-15 season, or even before that?, and I wonder about the people who were on the news getting tatoos, and haircuts for the game. I'm sure the cycle will continue through out the years, because I see it in vista all the time, and in the county limits. Did I mencion all the threats of having the games blacked out?

And majority of the people are the ones with a mouth full to say against the staff and players, like fire the coach, cut this player, he's washed up. I'd love to see the charger fans take a page from the Raider fans, and show their spirit by wearing their colors through out the WHOLE season, instead of just the times when the charger are winning.

I would agree with cutting Keading, and firing Norv though

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