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Michael Joseph James Luca Jr. was born in Staten Island, grew up in New Jersey, tells everyone he is from Brooklyn, and has retired to Florida at the age of 23. While fulfilling a B.A. degree in Theatre at the University of Southern California, Mike (while also referring to himself in the third person) additionally discovered a passion for writing, particularly playwriting and sports journalism. He has served as a Contributor for Football Nation, a participant in the Tailgate32 project as a researcher-publicist-analyst-tailgater-hyphenation, and most recently a senior writer and editor for SB Nation's Conquest Chronicles. He established his self-renowned brand as the Italian Trojan, a sardonic innocent who protects your blindside with conventionally unconventional sports coverage. Most importantly, IT has somehow managed to survive as a New York Giants, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Lakers, and Pittsburgh Penguins fan, but is now supposedly objective and that much more grateful to be alive long enough for this fruitful opportunity.

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