Nic Johnson

Nic Johnson


No holds barred! Straight down the middle! Pillar to post!

And... a bunch of other cheesy, generic, pro-wrestling slogans that basically mean - I plan on speaking my mind, holding no punches, and presenting a die-hard fans perceptions on the workings of the greatest business in the world - Pro Wrestling.

From the first time I ran into my room when Papa Shango made his creepy entrance, to being devestated for years remembering Shawn Michaels collapsing in the ring.. wrestling has always stuck with me and I have always stuck with it. I just see things a LITTTTTLE bit differently now ;)

A little about me..

I live in what some lovingly refer to as, "the Dirty South", but mostly it's just "hot, humid, conservative, strange South".

I am a Graphic Designer, Bartender, DJ, and Guitar Player...

I follow the sport of pro-wrestling, and follow it on a much deeper level than most fans. I love everything about the inner-workings of the business and spend the majority of my waking hours working out storylines in my head, thinking of how things USED to be, and more often than not, how things SHOULD be.

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