Michael from Stuttgart

Michael from Stuttgart

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  • Bill Bui posted 1384 days ago

    Bill Bui

    You are some kind of psychic genius, what's your 'secret'? I, like the many Silva supporters were quite butt hurt after Weidman KO'ed Silva for the W but a loss is a loss and you have to pay credit where it's due. Thank you for not gloating btw, even tho you earned all the bragging rights lol.

  • Bill Bui posted 1386 days ago

    Bill Bui

    Just wanted to acknowledge defeat to you Stuttgart, you we're right from the beginning. Hats off to Chris Weidman, he earned the belt.

  • The Paradise posted 1470 days ago

    The Paradise

    I can't believe you found the time to post that on my board. You're not an expert; you're a stan.

  • Bill Bui posted 1471 days ago

    Bill Bui

    You'll be eating your words on July 6th Stuttgart, just you wait mate.

  • Chaz Erickson posted 1472 days ago

    Chaz Erickson

    Get off Weidman's cock.