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Ladies And Gentleman, Boys And Girls Of All Ages I Am Mr.Delvally, Your Alchemical Androgyne And Welcome To The Show! hey, im John Delvally and im a freindly, over-obsessive paranoid anixety induced superstar in my own right. I have a very unusal weird out of mind state within my mind, I tend to think outside the subconcious and into the most unbelivable of things im also a Smart-Ass At Times, Im Not Narcasistical But Im Just Me. I love the art of sex romance and burlesque, Im Into Victorian-Age Fashion, art and literature as well as the Gothic Literature, Music And Art. I think Differently, more on the subconcious and questioning things towards it's greatest extent, What the hell is with religion?, The universe and how the mind is fucked with through the use of phycadelic drugs and narcotics but through our own disolutions do we find ourselves isolated and dissasociative from others, No one really understands life or their purpose, that's why life, the greatest extended metaphor ever is Fucked-around with and questioned and We will never know what the hell we are doing here but it's great to question it and try to find out. Controversy is the one thing that can help you either become a menace to society or have a message sent across a nation. sometimes the most controversial of things is completely necessary. My mind is my own safe quiet environment. GO PATRIOTS! MAYBE NEXT YEAR!

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