Victor Valladares Jr

Victor Valladares Jr


My name is Victor Valladares, an aspiring 19 year old freshman attending Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have been writing about baseball since 2008. I also love watching football, although I am a notch less passionate than baseball, my childhood sport. I am always up to talk about any baseball or football matter.

I was raised a die-hard Giants fan, the team that I write about the most. I can talk for days about my beloved Giants and my hatred for the Dodgers, the primary reason I hate most of So-Cal. Also, I was brought up a Raiders fan. I love Raider Nation, and am still waiting for my first championship.

Almost all of my writing will be about the Giants and major MLB topics. Although I bleed orange and black, I put that bias aside when I write. I can be the Giant's harshest critic when I feel strongly about something, but it's only because I want to see them do well. I will give praise where it is due and critisize when needed.

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