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James Rees

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I"m a 23-year old graduate of LSU who is interested in little outside the world of sports. Growing up in the New Orleans metro area, I've dealt with the unfortunate burden of being a Saints fan since the days of the Dome Patrol in the early 90's. But life has been good as an LSU fan with the Tigers winning two national championships in five years, so I won't complain too loudly. I love watching, writing about and reading about sports, and would love as much feedback and opinions as possible.
I also write about college football and basketball at http://mvn.com/outsider/ncaa/

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  • Austin Arnold posted 2134 days ago

    Austin Arnold

    I wrote these two articles check them out when you get a chance



  • Paul Augustin, Jr. posted 2175 days ago

    Paul Augustin, Jr.

    Chris Paul deserves to start in all-star game. let me know what you think.



  • Barney Corkhill posted 2188 days ago

    Barney Corkhill


    What a year of sports 2008 has been! You may be surprised by the amount of history that was made this year! Here are the greatest sporting moments of 2008, including all sports! Your opinions and thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



  • daniel cox posted 2229 days ago

    daniel cox


    my feelings on the falcons win over the saints:


    check it out, if you're interested.


  • Christopher Williams posted 2252 days ago

    Christopher Williams

    I just posted an article about the Saints.

  • Paul Augustin, Jr. posted 2306 days ago

    Paul Augustin, Jr.

    I lived on the Northshore, too -Slidell. I went to Jesuit, though.

  • Robert Lewis posted 2307 days ago

    Robert Lewis

    Can you give me your take on the Saints secondary, I want to compile yours and some of the others that write heavy on the Saints and do an article right before the 1st game. Thanks

  • Paul Augustin, Jr. posted 2333 days ago

    Paul Augustin, Jr.

    By the way, since you are only a couple of years younger than me and are also from the NOLA area, where did you go to HS?

  • Paul Augustin, Jr. posted 2333 days ago

    Paul Augustin, Jr.

    Hey James, since you (probably) accidentally published your last article twice(College Football: Top Six Story lines heading into 2008), you may want to delete one of them so that all of your reads and comments are all on the same link. Just a suggestion. Good article by the way.