Carey Montz

Carey Montz


My name is Carey, and I yearn to become a blogaholic. I host a podcast entitled The Geaux Show, an unofficial LSU sports podcast. The show can be downloaded for free from I-tunes or by simply visiting the website, Like the sitcoms and drama series, we are in our downtime right now, but with LSU baseball riding a 23 game winning streak and fall practice vastly approaching, the Geaux Show will pick up as well.

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  • Henry Ball posted 2810 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    Let me know what you think if you've got a moment!

    Thanks - HB

  • Henry Ball posted 2822 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    Please check this out if you've got a minute.

    I hope you like it and I'd appreciate your feedback!


    Henry Ball
    (Southern Man)

  • Justin Goar posted 3266 days ago

    Justin  Goar

    once again, thanks for the vote bruddah!!

  • Justin Goar posted 3287 days ago

    Justin  Goar

    thanks bro!

  • Justin Goar posted 3288 days ago

    Justin  Goar

    there ya go, lead story in Coll Fball section right now.

  • Justin Goar posted 3300 days ago

    Justin  Goar

    crap, i used my POTD l;ast night at like 10 and it's not letting me do it today. once i get it back i'll vote for you.

  • Justin Goar posted 3301 days ago

    Justin  Goar

    once again, thanks for the vote!!!!

  • Justin Goar posted 3304 days ago

    Justin  Goar

    thanks for the POTD vote.

    as eddie murphy said in his voting for jesse jackson routine...

    "I effing won???"

  • Justin Goar posted 3309 days ago

    Justin  Goar

    that profile pic is funny.

  • Justin Goar posted 3329 days ago

    Justin  Goar

    thanks for the POTD vote, podnah!!