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Hello! I'm a Mavs fan ever since I was 3 years old. I was born in Oakland but was raised mostly in Dallas. My favorite player would probably be Michael Finley and then Dirk Nowitzki because at the time I started watching NBA at 3 years old, I was always a big fan of Finley or Fin Dawg because Dirk was a rookie that year.

So a little more details about me is that I do play basketball, I play the Shooting Guard/Small Forward position. I am a good shooter and defender, I'm an okay slasher, I shot roughly 45% overall and 37% from downtown. I copy a lot of my game from Michael Finley as well as Kobe Bryant. I'm 6'3" and I am an African-American that majors in filmmaking and computer animation. I am about to go to college at UCLA and I play lots of video on Xbox 360 and Xbox One like most boys do. I hate fast food (except for Raising Canes and In-N-Out) and I love foreign cuisine. My favorite country is probably New Zealand because of its great scenes and views. I enjoy watching movies and I enjoy playing basketball at my local park. I have two German Shepherds named Fin and Ponty.
After the 2013-2014 NBA season, I've officially joined the Hornet and Suns fanbase! I don't care if I get called a bandwagoner because the term is overused and too broad to be defined, plus the whole definition of bandwagon is to hop onto popular or winning ideas or teams in which Hornets and Suns aren't. So this isn't bandwagoning!
Extremely Superbly Early Playoff Predictions for 2014-2015 Season (UPDATED 8/13):

Eastern Conference:
1. Cleveland Cavaliers (56-26)
2. Chicago Bulls (54-28)
3. Toronto Raptors (49-33)
4. Washington Wizards (48-34)
5. Charlotte Hornets (45-37)
6. Miami Heat (44-38)
7. Atlanta Hawks (42-40)
8. Detroit Pistons (40-42)
9. Brooklyn Nets (39-43)
10. New York Knicks (35-47)
11. Indiana Pacers (33-49)
12. Boston Celtics (27-55)
13. Milwaukee Bucks (26-56)
14. Orlando Magic (24-58)
15. Philadelphia 76ers (18-64)

Western Conference:
1. San Antonio Spurs (60-22)
2. Oklahoma City Thunder (58-24)
3. Los Angeles Clippers (57-25)
4. Portland Trail-Blazers (55-27)
5. Dallas Mavericks (55-27)
6. Golden State Warriors (53-29)
7. Memphis Grizzlies (51-31)
8. Houston Rockets (50-32)
9. Phoenix Suns (49-33)
10. Denver Nuggets (47-35)
11. New Orleans Pelicans (41-41)
12. Los Angeles Lakers (35-47)
13. Sacramento Kings (33-49)
14. Utah Jazz (32-50)
15. Minnesota Timberwolves (28-54)

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  • Alex F. posted 10 hours ago

    Alex F.

    I hate to say it but he Lin and Kobe will probably be the starting backcourt for the West All-Star team. Damn Chinese.....

    Oh and have you seen this Lakers fan named Showtime? He goes around spewing delusional Lakers hate then when you question him he reports you. I might even get my 6000 comment account banned for saying this.

  • Small Fundamental posted 12 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Ah that's cool.. Always do what you like brah... What's the college?

  • Small Fundamental posted 14 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Well I don't mind poundingtherock but I think its Spurs biased, lol...

    So you wanna be a film director?

  • Small Fundamental posted 18 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Sheesh... Can't imagine sending a dog away.... My uncle used to keep his dog with us when he went abroad and that dog was so sad all the time...

    This is a depressing topic, lol...

    What you wanna study in college?

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    I wish... I finished school in 2012, brah..... I'm a final year Engineering student, unfortunately....

    No its tough, cuz my dog died :(

    End of an era :/

  • Small Fundamental posted 2 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Not much.... Bit tough these days :/


  • Damian C posted 3 days ago

    Damian C

    All my predictions are based on the fact that everyone will be healthy and everything will go well for the teams. So all my predictions are basically perfect scenarios. We'll see how everyone fares once the season starts.

  • Damian C posted 3 days ago

    Damian C

    lol you know what they say: hope for the best, expect the worst

  • Damian C posted 4 days ago

    Damian C

    That seems pretty realistic

  • Damian C posted 5 days ago

    Damian C

    Thanks. Yeah, they're pretty similar. What do you think, what can the Mavs do in the playoffs?