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  • Spider Man posted 22 hours ago

    Spider Man


  • Alex F. posted 22 hours ago

    Alex F.

    Alright oh and I went on that 87 mile bike ride last weekend. Man how could you go even longer? I know you definitely stayed somewhere overnight but still just thinking of biking the next day made me sick. It wasn't even my legs that were hurting it was my ass. Your ass KILLS after long bike rides holy crap!

  • Alex F. posted 1 day ago

    Alex F.

    Your reasons for trading Lowry and DeRozan are impulsive. Just because they had a bad end to the season we should trade them? Dude DeRozan was the player of the month for April! You don't just trade an All-Star last year and a recent player of the month because you got swept. Also Lowry was an All-Star starter this year. People say Bieber got him in but it's not like he didn't deserve it. Lowry also got injured directly after the ASB. He wasn't the same ever since the injury I personally feel it affected his entire season. The Raptors aren't about building around someone either they're about depth.

    You don't just ditch and rebuild if you're Toronto that's just dumb. There's plenty of room for improvement like I said we're going for a new starting PF this offseason so that would be a nice start for improvement. Also when we traded Bargnani to the Knicks we were awarded the rights to either NY or Denver's 1st round pick in 2016. Whoever finishes higher in the standings has to sacrifice our pick. That's right we get either NY or Denver's pick next year. With Denver supposedly trading Lawson and Faried and NY sucking as always there's a good chance we get a top 5 pick.

  • Daniel posted 3 days ago


    Had more to do with personal issues. Won't mention more than that.

    So what do you think the Mavs should do this summer?

  • Daniel posted 5 days ago



  • Knickerbocker posted 7 days ago



  • Luigi Lama posted 7 days ago

    Luigi Lama

    Hey! This is SBTF... I just wanna let you know, were happi u ugly head got kicked out MUHAHAHA

  • Jens Gehring posted 12 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    Yeah, it´s hard to lose against the rockets... I mean, even if the Spurs are also a local rival, but I respect the Spurs. Don´t like the rockets^^

    Fine so far, thx. Now I´m excited about the Mavs-offseason.

    And of course I follow the palyoffs.
    Crossing fingers for my 2nd Team, the Bulls! But also for the Hawks as my german made, Dennis Schroeder, Plays there...
    In the west, I hope GSW ill make it...

    How about you?

  • Daniel posted 13 days ago


    Indeed I am

  • Alex F. posted 13 days ago

    Alex F.

    Don't be too discouraged by me saying this because you're not a Raptors fan so you don't know the team as well as I do but the way you would overhaul the Raptors would destroy the franchise. You say DeRozan and Lowry are too inconsistent and inexperienced to lead this team. DeRozan and Lowry when healthy are VERY consistent. If you looked at DeRozan's stats last year and Lowry's before the All-Star break this year you would see that they are two of the most consistent players in the league (not in the league but stick with me.) And how do you solve experience issues Mavs? Well by getting experience of course! If you say we have experience issues then why would you want to ditch Lowry for MCW?

    Here is my outlook of the Raptors 2015 offseason. I have gotten mixed opinions from this trade idea but if the Raptors could pull it off it would help them take that next step.

    Denver receives: Vasquez, Ross, 2 1st rounders
    Toronto receives: Faried, Chandler

    Raptors also sign Gary Neal to be our new backup PG

    2015-2016 depth chart

    C: JV/Hansbrough/Hayes/Nougeria
    PF: Faried/Patterson/Amir
    SF: Chandler/Johnson/Bruno
    SG: DeRozan/Lou
    PG: Lowry/Neal