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  • The GOAT V posted 1705 days ago

    The GOAT V

    I'm going to tell you like it is, I was a massive punk fan 2006-2009, when he started with the SES society I became neutral towards him and at that time I stopped watching wrestling for about a year, I watched a few weeks (but only about 10 minutes of the show every week) before Rock returned then when he returned, I started watching again and I became a punk fan again and I was happy when he won the triple threat number one contender match and even happier when he won the title but then he returned as a face and he was incredibly boring and incredibly stupid, I've hated him a lot in late 2011-2012, he was 10X worse than cena, all his promos sucked, his feud with john laurinaitis was a ripoff from AUstin-McMahon feud and it blowed d-ck, his feud with Jericho and Ziggler were extremely boring and one sided, and I hated him more and more that year especially knowing more of what a d-ck he is, him cyberbullying his fans on the internet, mocking TNA, calling out Chris Brown, calling the pope a "nazi" and saying God doesnt exist and beating up a fan on raw and throwing a guy's autograph book, also he became extremely overrated that year, when he turned heel at RAW 1000, I hated it because I knew he was going to become more and more overrated which was the case, they brought him Bret Hart, JR, Lawler, Vince in 2 months to make him a good heel but he wasnt, his latest heel run sucked, CM PUNK SUCKS, oh yeah and I wanted to stop watching wrestling at RAW 1000 but then I saw the week after it just to see what will cm punk do as a heel, it turned out to be a "b-tching for respect" crappy gimmick that was used 10 years ago for the undertaker but back then this storyline was used for the freakin hardcore title and it was original back then, now they're using it as a copy and it's for the WWE title because WWE Creative f-ckin suck d-ck. But watching RAW 1001 Episode, I was entertained by AW, and he had attitude and was entertaining unlike 99% of today's boring roster and I became a fan of his, not a mark, a fan and I got over him now but yeah I didnt like it how they fired him nor how CM Punk who was supposed to be a rebel and anti-company in 2011 turned out to be the biggest traitor and sucking up to Linda McMahon's crappy campaign, "I dont like rape jokes" but apparently he likes homophobic jokes huh?
    After he said that, the IWC went from "AW you rule, you are awesome" to "Cant this guy just shut up already", it shows you how pathetic punk marks are and how stupid they are and what a bunch of sheep they are, with no personnality or loyalty whatsoever.
    Now apparently punk marks are hating on Rock, my all-time fav, I thought it was going to end after he starts feuding with taker but now they're still a$$hurt after 2 months, now they're sorry a$$ want to pretend that Punk would've held the title for so long if it wasnt for the rock, WHAT A LOAD of BS. WWE wanted Cena to become WWE Champion again via Rocky so all the Lil Jimmys will be happy because not only did Cena get his revenge on Rocky and not only did Cena win MITB and not only did Cena win the rumble and not only did cena win the main event of mania but he also won the WWE title.
    YAAAAAAAAAAY WE LOVE YOU CENA SMH F-CK PUNK AND F-CK CENA AND F_CK WWE, I guess after wrestlemania we have to wait for Rock or Brock to return to give a f-ck about wrestling again

  • Colton G posted 1706 days ago

    Colton G

    GOAT V isn't anything compared to ken K. I have constantly killed him in a comment war, and he just comes back with the same crap. Go check out his profile and get into this comment war between me and him. I'm pretty sure you'll laugh at some of his theories.