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  • Foulplay Audio posted 1700 days ago

    Foulplay Audio

    Are you trolling? Again, what does this have to do with "Detroit having their way"? Does such hatred for a winning organization cause one to devolve so badly to your current mental status? I guess so. Good thing I am not obsessive compulsive, spending my days hating a hockey team simply because mine can't compare. Get a life and a few brain cells pal.

  • Jim k posted 1700 days ago

    Jim k

    Your whole response at trying to prove me childish shows you is the whiner. Suck it up man. Your team wont always get its way.

    Respect the writer. Dont hate; make legit arguments

  • Foulplay Audio posted 1701 days ago

    Foulplay Audio

    You have to be 18 to use Bleacher report. I am going to contact your parents. To answer your infantile question:

    "Why are you butthurt? Because Iginla rejected your team? Dont be a sore loser and whiner; i thought those were just leafs fans"

    I can care less what Iginla wants to do. Iginla's rumored choice of teams not including the Red Wings wasn't the focus of my statement. It was the ridiculous statements made by the BR writer who took far to Liberal an approach to his writing and one to many liberties in speaking for players. So what exactly did my comment have to do with being a winner or loser or about whining you mental defective?