ChatterBalks is a humor-infused baseball blog. Think of that smoothie you get at (select brand store), and you have all the chalky residue on the top along with eight pounds of Vitamin C. Just replace all those things that are good for your body with shit talking, weiner jokes, and old-timey baseball references.

We started in March 2008, with the goal of slowly becoming our own continent. If you would like to participate in this industrial-sized growth, e-mail us at: Thank you for your time, and please, come again.

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  • Mohamed Eldin Masri posted 3086 days ago

    Mohamed Eldin Masri

    Hope you like it.

  • Sports Writer posted 3143 days ago

    Sports Writer

    Most Under Appreciated Player in Baseball!

  • MCM Traynor posted 3176 days ago

    MCM Traynor

    Please check out my newest article - a guide to researching and referencing your articles in a professional manner. This is a must-read for all B/R contributors:

    Comments/additions etc much appreciated.


  • Bob Warja posted 3235 days ago

    Bob Warja

    Well, 275 articles & I finally did a slideshow. It's something different, hope you enjoy it.

  • Dave Morrison posted 3328 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Hey ChatterBalks—Dave Mo here, a Bleacher Report Community Coordinator.

    I've been spending time on our Humor page and read a couple of your old articles. Really on-point do good work.

    Given that you haven't written in a while, I thought I'd check in and see if you're interested in picking up your coverage again. What do you say?

    If not, it would be great if you could give me some feedback on why you decided to stop writing and what we could have done to better serve you. If you wouldn't mind, please shoot me a line at with any thoughts.

    Thanks so much,

    Dave Mo

  • Alex posted 3473 days ago


    This might sound like a stupid question, but what font do you guys use for you site logo (the one on BR)? I have a site at and always like to try new graphic stuff.

  • Ben Weixlmann posted 3497 days ago

    Ben Weixlmann

    Please check out the new Cardinals Roundtable!

  • Matthew Irby posted 3530 days ago

    Matthew Irby

    Since you are a Richie Sexson hater, check out my article from about two weeks ago I wrote about him. Think that you might like it