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  • Steve Thompson posted 2890 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my article, Kevin. First of all, I don't hate the Buffalo Bills but fear for the future of the franchise. The NFL does not defend its franchises, no matter how well they are supported. Ask the fans in Cleveland, Baltimore, Houston, St. Louis, and Oakland who loyally supported their teams with sellouts only to have their teams taken away from them by greedy, unscrupulous owners. Ever since the NFL was sent packing from Los Angeles, they have been dying to get back into their second largest market in a luxury stadium. They would much rather have a team there instead of unglamorous Buffalo.
    The NFL could have easily put an end to this talk by announcing they would be considering expansion and then pairing Los Angeles with another city. There are at least ten other cities that are clamoring for a team including Toronto. Instead they are content to let this arrogant LA group make attempts to steal one of their member city's team. So this group, owned by a billionaire does mean what it says, and Buffalo is on their list. They already have clearance to build their new stadium from the Terminator and are only waiting to secure a team before doing so.
    As for Wilson, he wanted to exploit the richer Toronto market by playing one game there with outrageous ticket prices that have turned off almost all but the richest, die hard NFL fan. How much commitment to Buffalo does he really have? He's laid down no clear succession after his death that would ensure the team continues to play in Buffalo. The LA group would not have named Buffalo on its list if there was no possibility of him accepting a deal from them. I don't trust him.
    And it seems neither do coaches. Why would a coach seeking long-term stability like Shanahan and Cowher come to a team which plays in two cities, one in another country and may get transferred there or 3000 miles away to the west coast? Just wait till after Super Bowl day, when the LA group will start making active attempts to get a team. We'll see what happens to Buffalo then.

  • Suzette Lampard Brantley posted 2896 days ago

    Suzette Lampard Brantley
    Rickey Jackson should make it!