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  • Jihoon Nam posted 1440 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Oh lol, I'm sorry haha. Just felt I had to say that because this website is filled with kids

  • Jihoon Nam posted 1445 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Pretty sure that guy who you cursed out for meant Isiah Thomas, not the Isaiah Thomas now, there was an Isiah Thomas in the past if you didn't know :P

  • Grant Williamson posted 1461 days ago

    Grant Williamson

    First of all we are talking about Wade vs Kobe NOT LeBron NOT Wilt NOT Hakeem but Wade vs Kobe. You had the guts to say wade is a better dunker then Kobe Bryant, you should delete your account for saying that ONLY, Kobe has dunked on Tim Duncan , Yao Ming , Ben Walace and Dwight Howard. and thats just a few 7 foot people so you have to watch Kobe to Judge Kobe on his dunking. We are not talking about Should have Would have we are talking about facts and saying that Wade has No MVP's excluding his finals MVP. Kobe shoots ring around Wade and also wade is in his 11th season and still can shoot 80% from the free throw line are you kidding me? Kobe avg 6 ast in 04-05 he avg 6 ast in 02-03 oh and guess what he played all 82 games. Wade is so injury prone and sits every other night its foolish to even put him in Kobe echelon. And i do think LeBron is going to leave after this season because wade is not getting any younger or healthy. Good day, also I used periods and comma's for you today english teacher,

  • Small Fundamental posted 1496 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Lol, why didn't you like it? It wasn't great, but it was pretty good....

  • Hawks BiggestFan posted 1496 days ago

    Hawks BiggestFan

    heat bandwagoner