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I never read these, so I haven't submitted any boring details to perpetuate any potential mock interest.

Freelance writer, Northern California native.

Sports are not my raison d' etre, although I am a lifelong fanatic. I view sports as
a pleasant diversion from reality, of which there is no lack of in sports itself. Paradox ?.

I enjoy the work of several local beat writers at The Chronicle, although
their corporate masters forbid their true venom from being published.
The Press Democrat in Sonoma County also does a fine job, check it
out if you're bored with the prevailing doom 'n gloom of the city scribes.

Additionally I concur with many locals that KNBR 680, with it's massive
audience and "P.C." interests consistently fails to deliver any type of
objective analysis regarding Bay Area sports. They are the most egregious
of offenders, media wise. If you're a S.F. Giants fan, you know where I'm
coming from. Homer city. You can contract diabetes from their programming
if you're not rationing your intake, much like sugar.

I encourage your criticism no matter how misguided or vehemently expressed.

I do not purport to be the authority on any topic, although I consider myself to be
an astute observer and researcher on the product offered for publication, here
and elsewhere. Bear in mind opinions are subjective to individual interpretation.

Like most of the region, I enjoy the beach, Asian food, craft brews and nice weather.

I am currently fighting a brutal caffeine addiction, and the old "Playoffs sans 49ers"
syndrome, usually alleviated by the pitchers and catchers reporting to Scottsdale.

I may make you mad, or make you laugh - but I'll make you think, that's my promise.

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