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  • Grant Rindner posted 1734 days ago

    Grant Rindner

    Hey Randy, thanks for the edits man. Glad you liked the piece.

  • Peter Cimino posted 1734 days ago

    Peter Cimino

    Randy - kept trying to leave a comment back on your edit notes, but it kept failing. Gotta love cyberspace sometimes. First off, thanks so much for the edits on my PBA story-truly appreciate it. I will note the format errors for sure. As far as the quotes, I did not grab these from anywhere. I interviewed these pros. That is why I included the questions. I am the source of the questions and they are the source of the answers. That is also why I included the questions on some of them. I used quotations because the answers are exactly what they said, I did not summarize-so they are direct quotes. One of my niches is quick interviews-so, not sure how else I am supposed to say that the quotes are from my interviews. I am certainly open to suggestions. Thanks again!