Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer



I'm from Toronto but I call Winnipeg home.

CFL and the NHL are my favorite leagues but being a die-hard sports fan I follow every thing else ...NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, EPL closely and I give a decent effort to follow some others like NLL, College Sports, AHL, Northern League (Independent Baseball) and even Arena Football.

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  • James Spen posted 2072 days ago

    James Spen

    Only someone from Winnipeg would put Northern League lol. Nice reads though, GO BOMBERS!

  • Steve Thompson posted 2894 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Thanks for commenting on my article, Joe. What if the CFL were approached by Buffalo investors if the Bills left? There have already been calls from ex-NFL players for the CFL to return to the United States, since NFL Europe has folded. Rochester and Detroit were mentioned. So American expansion is a possibility, and if it happens, at least choose cities with ties to Canada.

  • Steve Thompson posted 2911 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my article, Joe. It would be nice to get the CFL up to 12 teams, but a lot of my basis for choosing cities is based on survival. Quebec, London, and Kitchener have the biggest populations so they have the best odds. Oshawa has good growth rate plus a great surrounding region. The problem with Saskatoon is that they are 100,000 less than Victoria and half Victoria's growth rate. That's why I never included Saskatoon. Victoria remains the best western city. The real story will come in 2011 when the next census takes place and then a clearer evaluation for the next decade can be determined.