Bobby  Chambers

Bobby Chambers


Born in TEXAS. Raised in 3rd World Oklahoma (Boo the Sooners). Always loved college football and respected the great teams... MICHIGAN and BO, OSU and Woody and that young upstart Joe Paterno always complaining about HIS undefeated teams getting no press (they were an independent back then) and of course the folk lore of TEXAS and ALABAMA and the best was out west with USC, their band, their horse and their Heisman guy... (he's in prison now).

I'm for the little guy though I've also liked AUBURN, BYU, FRESNO STATE and of course Johnny come lately BOISE STATE! But they were even surpased by "little" Appalachain State!! (OU loved that because ESPN quit showing the FIESTA BOWL highlights and started touting ASU / MICH vicotry!).

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