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.Mr. King is a Cuba expert who has spent at least three months a year in Cuba since 1993 or 45,000 hours. The author, pundit, contributor, lecturer and Blogger’s literary offerings include: "Fidel's Story" (2012) a screenplay for theater or film. Fidel Castro shares the Cuban perspective of history. ”Nature's Ancient Religion" (2008) a 328 page look at the Afro - Cuban religion .NAR provides a keen insight into the world's seventh largest religion of Orisha worship and IFA. Nature's Ancient Religion is the original “green" or environmentally friendly religion."Havana: My Kind of Town"(2009) is 332 page offering that shares the true flavor of Havana and Cuba in general. Reading like a streetwise travel journal it shares an insider’s view of the forbidden island. Armed with”Moon Cuba” AND Havana My Kind of Town travelers will cover all the bases and get the best bang for their buck. This book is for explorers who want freedom and independence as opposed to a sterile all – inclusive trip. King’s forthright and humorous offering can be read as a travel journal or used effectively as a guidebook. “Essential reading material” reviews The Havana Journal. "Ifa y los Orishas: La Religion Antigua de la Naturaleza" (2011) Spanish version of Nature's Ancient Religion."Traveling Lite" (2006) The golf course architect father and golf historian son take a pilgrimage to Wales and England. Using only rail in the tradition of Bernard Darwin and taxi the pair appear without reservations at historic course after historic course.Five bags tagged HEAVY are ferried with them over hill and dale.

Specialties:Cuba, Latin America, Global Strategies, India, Counter Terrorism, Religion, Enlightenment, Yoruba, Golf Course Architecture, Writing, Publishing,

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