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San Francisco State University grad. I live and breathe sports, particularly any from the Bay Area. Baseball, basketball, football, even the WWE. It doesn't matter. I can't get enough.

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  • Emily Haile posted 1518 days ago

    Emily Haile

    Anytime! Glad I've gotten to read a few different ones of yours this week :)

  • Seahawks Fan posted 1522 days ago

    Seahawks Fan

    No problem at all, friend. But really, you shouldn't be thanking me. You should be thanking the Niner fans that get really upset at my comments and feel the need to comment 50 times. With regards to the list, you have to directly confront me denying my predictions about the Seahawks.

  • Lyle Fitzsimmons posted 1582 days ago

    Lyle Fitzsimmons

    Thanks for the edit. One disagreement. Broner the challenger shouldn't be set off by commas, because I'm not identifying him there as the opposite of the champion, I'm saying the oddsmakers' view of Broner the challenger is different than Malignaggi's view of Broner the person.

  • Matt Schreiber posted 1582 days ago

    Matt Schreiber

    Thanks for cleaning that up, Martin!

  • Mike Salvatore posted 1587 days ago

    Mike Salvatore

    Thanks for the edits and feedback, Martin!

  • Lou Catalano posted 1589 days ago

    Lou Catalano

    Martin thanks for the edits!

  • Craig Amos posted 1594 days ago

    Craig Amos

    Thanks for editing.

  • Edward Bautista posted 1595 days ago

    Edward Bautista

    Hey Martin, great job! I work at HSBC in Miami with your uncle Alvaro. I've read some of your articles...great job man!!! GO HEAT!!!!

  • Derek Wolff posted 1596 days ago

    Derek Wolff

    Awesome, thanks for the edits Martin!

  • Matt Schreiber posted 1597 days ago

    Matt Schreiber

    Thanks Martin!